9 Reasons for Web Conferencing in 2013

9 Reasons for Web Conferencing in 2013

Although the technology has been around over two decades, businesses and companies are still learning the value in web conferencing, though perhaps you’re still looking for reasons to jump on board. Here are a nine reasons why to use web conferencing.  

Reasons for Web Conferencing in 2013

1). Reduce Travel Costs: Companies continue to see web conferencing as a way to cut down expenses for their employees travel. Instead of sending employees to other locations, employees are now hosting web conferences with clients or with colleagues for collaborations. Also employees get to avoid travel stress as an effect of travel delays, traffic congestion and other travel issues.

2). Easy Access, Quick Processing: Employees are opting for web conferencing since they are able to get the necessary data they would need for presentations or discussions. And that with in just a click away. This effective way of rolling out products interests clients from all types of business. Clients immediately understand the product after presentations or demonstrations. Such effective communication and demonstration may encourage the client to purchase or subscribe to the product being offered.

3). Global Connections: Web conferencing also forges a global connection. Employees get to connect and interact with colleagues located in other branches or offices in different locations. Collaboration and cooperation are forged over web conferencing especially for online projects between local and international colleagues. This builds stronger employee relationships geared toward productivity.

4). Great Platform for Demonstrations, Audiovisual Presentations: Some companies cited that web conferencing is an ideal set-up whenever they are demonstrating software, sharing PowerPoint presentations, or training participants on a new software application. Web conferencing is also a great way for showing fast moving audiovisual presentations.

5). Sales Strategy: There are companies that noticed that web conferencing to have huge effects in initiating the first contact with a prospected client, without commitment in time and travel costs. Improving the number of prospect clients can also lead to higher possible sales.

6). Vitual Town Meeting/Forums: Several towns and places hold their meeting through web conferences. They use this technology so they can view and revise their plans based on feedback and programs of other regions. Through this, local government can solicit proposals, plans and feedbacks to improve their way.

8). Include Absentees: Several companies are also switching to web conferencing to include absentee shareholders in their company meetings. Companies would include a live and interactive web conference for their shareholders who are unable to attend in person.

9). Simple, Sensible Training Solution: Of course, training is also another reason why companies are starting to think of shifting to web conferencing. Attendees just need to dial in on a conference phone line and log unto a private Web site.

Whether you’re looking to use web conferencing to give consumers and shareholders information they need during a new product launch, issue a product recall or at a time when there are news that the company needs to be explained or clarified, your organization should if they haven’t already, adopt web conferencing.

Afterall it’s 2013. Let DiverseNet set your organization up with web conferencing and tools that will set your business apart and as one among many of the other successful ones today!

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