Best Practices for On-Site Check-Ins During a Program Rollout

During a program rollout, it’s critical for technology integrators to be in touch with their technicians, especially if the technology deployment is taking place on a national scale. Whether it’s new VoIP across a client’s location, installation of retail POS systems, security system installations at multiple sites, or any other technology, it’s important to have a check-in procedure established to make sure your technicians start the program rollout off on the right foot.

1.Make Sure There’s an On-Site Contact

Before you send the technician to the site, give them the name of the person they need to connect with when they arrive. This might be the office manager, the franchise owner, or the receptionist. Make sure this individual also knows the technician is coming. That way, there’s no confusion or even suspicion on the part of your client if your technician shows up unexpectedly and asks for access to secure areas like a server room. This process needs to be completed on a site-by-site basis to achieve true efficiency. If you want to be really prepared, consider incorporating pre-work site surveys into your procedure to make the technician a familiar face before the day of the job.

2. Personally Confirm the Tech’s Arrival

When the technician arrives on-site, have them call your central help desk to check in. This provides an opportunity for the technician to report any issues, like if there was supposed to be a part on site that did not arrive.

3. Go Over Final Deliverables

During the check-in call to your help desk, the help desk team member and the technician should go over all the expected deliverables to confirm the project was done correctly the first time. This could be photos, notes, or even a code or other confirmation from your client. If the technician will need to train the client in using the technology, make sure they’re comfortable doing so and have all the information they need. That way, they go into the project feeling confident.

Establishing a check-in procedure for our technicians was one of the foundational decisions that led to DiverseNet’s success. We successfully complete all our installations in the first attempt 99.5% of the time. That’s partially because we make the investment to first educate our technicians, then check in with them regularly during the installation to ensure everything is on track. If you’re in need of a national network of technicians to assist with a program rollout or technology deployment, we’re ready to put our amazing partners to work for you

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