Case Study: Connecting Hotels Nationwide

Case Study: Connecting Hotels Nationwide

The Client

Our client provides cutting-edge satellite television, internet, and telephone connectivity to major hotel chains nationwide. They sell services individually or as whole packages and are responsible for both deploying them in the hotels and maintaining them for all guests and staff. From WiFi to Pay-Per-View movies, this client is responsible for the function of all the tech amenities people love to take advantage of when staying at a hotel.

The Need

This client in particular was trying to both sell and deploy these technology packages in these hotels. However, since there are so many locations across the country to service, the process was overwhelming. It fell to the client to find a technician who was in the same area as each hotel, hire them, coordinate the installation, and then ensure the job was done correctly. When each hotel has 100 rooms, and there are in turn hundreds of hotels, this task was daunting. Still, the client was able to achieve success, though not without a headache.

But, the client also found a complication when it came to their ongoing relationship with these hotels. WiFi, television, and phones can go haywire at all hours of the day or night. Guests don’t usually even check into hotels until 3pm or later. The client found themselves in the position of needing to call on technicians at odd hours to go out and make immediate repairs, but they didn’t have the network of resources or the relationships with technicians to make this a possibility for all the hotel’s locations.

Further, the client found that the amount they were paying for each individual deployment was radically different. One technician might charge far more than another to do the job. Add to that the concerns about insurance and liability which surrounded each technician. The client soon found that their products were selling well, but the difficulty of installing the packages once they were sold was becoming prohibitive to their continued growth and success.

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The Solution

DiverseNet stepped into the situation to connect the client to a network of certified technicians nationwide and coordinate their arrival at the necessary work sites. Instead of having to call each individual technician, the client simply notifies DiverseNet that a hotel in a specific geographic area needs service. A single point of contact at DiverseNet then manages the ticket moving forward. The client can call this person at any time to check in on the status of the deployment. They can also call us at those odd hours when a technician is needed right away, and we will answer the call and get the situation in hand. 

We were also able to help the client get a handle on the costs of these large-scale installations. Our rates are predictable, and while variables like travel or extra supplies can always pop up, for the most part, the client knows exactly what we are going to charge for our services. We also maintain great insurance policies for all our technicians, to protect them, us, and our clients from liability and harm.

Best of all, the client knows we not only coordinate these technology deployments for them, we understand what’s going on behind the scenes. If one of our technicians gets to a hotel and finds themselves stumped by an issue, our experts can help them through it. The DiverseNet staff is composed of project managers with decades of experience out in the field in the technology industry. We’re so happy to have been able to put that expertise to good use for this client and help them grow their business across the US. 


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