Case Study: Little Details, Big Problems

Sometimes, there’s so much to think about on a job that it can be easy to let the little details become big problems to solve. In this month’s case study, we take a look at a partnership that allows our clients to focus on what they do best.

The Client

One of our biggest client manufacturers and programs kiosks on a large-scale for businesses across North America, including major retailers, healthcare facilities, malls, casinos, hospitality businesses, restaurants, and more.

The Need

As a manufacturer, this client focuses on creating excellent kiosk products for their clients, but building them is just part of each project. Delivering and installing them so that they can become readily integrated into their clients’ retail shops and business locations is also a part of the process. While the client maintains access to a few technician databases, they found that the number of orders surpassed what they could adequately and effectively handle on their own. In addition, they were coming across certain hiccups in the process that would result in less than perfect work on the installation process.

When the client took on the installation process internally for all of their clients, little details were often forgotten or properly tended to. This would include obtaining special permits form the building, like data and electrical, making sure technicians had a valid certificate of insurance to work on the job site, and properly coordinating between the technician and the clients for a smooth installation.

These little issues stacked up to become a significant burden on their processes. They manufactured excellent, high-quality kiosks, but found that all those problems that sprouted up during the delivery and installation process had a negative impact on their customers’ experiences overall.

The Solution

DiverseNet entered the equation to help the client clean up their process and provide dedicated, reliable technicians that would effectively and professionally address each and every work order, from start to finish. Our in-house service staff is comprised of experienced technicians that handle project management for each one of the client’s work orders, including obtaining available and qualified technicians, surveying installations sites, coordinating with buildings and malls, obtaining COIs and data and electrical permits, and more. The team also works directly with technicians to troubleshoot any mishaps or problems they might face onsite. Because we are able to separate these tasks and allow our technicians to go into each installation with only the job at hand on their mind, we’ve been able to help the client extend the quality of their products into every facet of their customers’ interactions with them.

We maintain a working relationship with the client to this day, where we’re a fully integrated technician dispatch partner. Since we’ve been brought in, the hiccups in the process and the errors that would frequently occur are no longer an issue. As a team dedicated to providing quality technicians and customer-service, we see to it that every facet of each kiosk installation order is properly addressed and maintained. Our techs show up in professional company attire ready to effectively get the work done and ensure that the client’s kiosks are properly installed for immediate end-user use.

Our amazing technicians make all the difference for our clients. Learn more about how to bring out the best in your technicians with a free download of our white paper, The Thriving Technician: A Field Guide.

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