Cloud Based Phone Systems: Internet Phone System

Cloud Based Phone Systems: Internet Phone System

Technology developments are racing ahead so quickly that you may not have heard one of the latest buzz words/tech terms—the cloud. Or, you might have, but you’re not really sure what it refers to. Let us give you some clarity with at least one term out there now!

Cloud based phone system refers to a phone service that is delivered to you through the internet. In this terminology, the “cloud” actually is the internet. You may have also hear people talk about Internet Phone Systems. These are synonymous for all intents and purposes.

The word “system” in cloud based phone systems usually refers to several phones or a group of phones that are working together through a system of interconnections. These systems are what many businesses are now using.

What did people do before Internet systems?

Before VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), phone systems were entirely based on the public switched telephone network (PSTN). This network, made up of copper wires, were what our global phone network was composed of.

What are the main requirements of a cloud based phone system?

  • Ability to deliver calls over the internet
  • Ability to route inbound calls to the correct works inside a company
  • Ability to provide telephone applications like voicemail and call recording

Whether it’s cloud based phone systems or another type of phone service your company is considering, you can be confident that DiverseNet has a solution for you. Our national agreements with multiple telecommunication networks ensure clear and dependable coverage between you and the rest of the world.

Has your company begun using cloud based phone systems? Let us know in your comments how the change has improved your business!



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