Cloud Services Rapidly Growing as Popular IT Solution

Cloud Services Rapidly Growing as Popular IT Solution

The more that the nebulous “cloud” becomes more and more less nebulous in the public consciousness, business owners everywhere have begun turning toward the service for IT solutions. Its advantages can be a boon for the average operation’s revenues.

According to the 2013 Outlook on Technology: Cloud Computing Survey recently released by PC Connection:

    • 69 percent of small businesses have reported already using the cloud
    • 19 percent have already moved some of their applications and operations to the service
    • 50 percent are in the process of switching to the format
    • 35 percent of users reported top functionality as their desired application from  all possible uses of the technology

Businesses reported being driven toward cloud services for the following reasons:

    • Improved backup means
    • Access to applications at all times
    • Cost savings

Together all three of those results received at least 40 percent of the overall vote. The biggest concerns among users? With the number of breaches in the news these days, it was no surprise that security concerns were by far the most contentious problem associated with adopting the cloud, with 65 percent of users reporting it as an obstacle.

Rapidly growing with many benefits

The cloud is seeing rapid expansion throughout businesses. Use of the service for at least some form of storage rose 90 percent from 2012 to 2013, according to Verizon’s latest study of the technology, with virtual machines hosted on the cloud growing by 35 percent in the same time span.

Another study, this one from Dimensional Research and cloud provider Birst, found that 80 percent of professionals find themselves satisfied by their adoption of business intelligence on the service, another 51 percent being happy with their overall results.

Professionals are praising the virtues of cloud services– 83 percent found cloud solutions working faster than those on their servers, with another 80 percent finding that cloud services are less complicated than the on-premises alternative. Finally, 60 percent of respondents considered them more user-friendly, with much less training required for their use than for legacy system applications.

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