Could You Live without your Tech Tools? 4 Reasons to Unplug

Could You Live without your Tech Tools? 4 Reasons to Unplug

Frequent users say tech withdrawal has the same twitchy side effects as nicotine and alcohol withdrawal, and British consumer research firm Intersperience noted that upward of 40% of the population felt “lonely” after being asked to withdraw from their tech tools for just one day.

Four Reasons to Unplug

  1. Health: Being joined at the hip to your electronica tends to mean a more sedentary life, which doesn’t help your waistline. Also, by unplugging you can mentally recharge and think freely without a stream of outside influences.
  2. Personal Relationships: If you’re engaged with your gadgets, you can’t be engaged with the people around you. People who overindulge in tech tools tend to become less savvy socially, finding it more difficult to interact with real people in real time.
  3. Work Life: Think about it from a basic dollar standpoint. The more “connected” you are, the less your time is valued. Effectively, on an hourly basis you make less by being connected, because chances are you’re not compensated for being available at all times.
  4. Creativity: It’s not just your communication skills that decline. Too much tech usage can kill off your creativity. There’s no reason to think when a device is thinking for you.

How to Live Without Electronica: Some of us are forced to step back from our communication gadgets due to short-term computer crashes or power outages.  But in fact, these “crises” offer an open door to normal human interaction as well as give us alone time and the chance to sit and read, go for a walk, or engage in a hobby.  For those of us who actually choose to live without our tech tools, we can start with simple “shutdown” time. Some business owners, especially those working from home, have resolved that at 5:00 pm it’s lights out for work emails, calls or meetings. Others are reclaiming their weekends by simply shying away from the online pastimes.


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