Digital Signage Software – More than a Dynamic Advertising Tool

Digital Signage Software – More than a Dynamic Advertising Tool

Do you know the value of digital signage and how quickly it can set you apart from your competitors? At DiverseNet, we understand the competitive advantage that staying mobile with your message can bring. We can help you get your message to the right person in the right way through digital signage and software.

That today’s market is hypercompetitive is no surprise. Every retailer needs to grow revenue and market share along with customer satisfaction. One of the ways they are doing this is by capitalizing on the value that technologies like digital signage bring to retain customers.

External Client Advantage

Retailers not only provide additional value by facilitating their customers but also generate additional revenues by running branded advertisements. Digital signage is being placed in-store and can showcase any of the following and more:

    • Product information
    • New arrivals
    • Offers
    • Clearance sales
    • Information about availability of products along with their location

Internal Employee Advantage

Imagine as an organization being able to keep your employees updated regardless of the location and do any of the following:

    • Provide updates on latest internal news
    • Welcome the new joinees
    • Keep the entire employee force abreast with the latest HR policies
    • Provide updates on transfers of employees
    • Broadcast live internal or sporting events simultaneously
    • and More

Using Digital Signage software these updates and events can also be displayed on LCD or plasma screens. Digital signage also helps in assisting visitors in accessing a facility’s way finder, utilities area and other important information. The same can also be used to display the company profile and areas of expertise.

Third party feeds like news, weather, stock market updates, financial news, etc., are added advantages for staff and visitors alike. Everyone appreciates the immediate professionalism and familiarity of digital signage.

Digital Signage in Transportation

Why is digital signage important in the transportation sector? Digital signage allows you to put live or real time data on to screens (LCD/ Plasma) fixed at the departure or arrival areas of airports, railway and bus terminals. Passengers can be updated with the current schedules in an interesting manner, rather than the boring numeric being currently used. This can be used to display useful information that a passenger would like to know:

    • Trip delays
    • News
    • Sports coverage
    • Stock market updates
    • Currency rates
    • Safety information
    • World clock
    • Weather
    • All this can be displayed simultaneously

Interactive kiosks or touch screens also make it easy for travelers to purchase tickets, check-in and locate where to board planes, trains, and buses and tourism info centers.

Digital Signage for Restaurants

Digital signage can delight customers by displaying menus, along with their ingredients and calorie counts, price and the waiting time outside their premises. This could encourage the customer to have pre-decided his/her order once she looks at the menu thereby leading to the higher TRT (turn  around time) leading to more revenue. Inside the restaurant besides the menu, entertaining videos, news, stocks etc can be displayed for customers.

Digital Signage for Retail Banking

Digital signage is ideal for retail banking because it lets you deliver personalized information to individuals critical to the success of retail banking. It can be used to display messages from the bank’s board of directors or head appreciating and thanking customers for their loyalty. Display screens fixed at waiting areas informs the customer about the current offers and services for:

    • Different categories and testimonials along with tickers
    • Live news feeds
    • Stock data

Further the head office can communicate with other branches simultaneously at a pre-defined time for all internal communication. D

Digital Signage for Hospitality

Digital signage can play a significant role in making your guests stay memorable by displaying key travel destinations or icons of the local culture, over which you can display a wide array of messages.

In the lobby area, a screen can be used to display facilities and amenities available with-in the hotel like today’s function, today’s top menu etc. to facilitate customers and guests. This can also help your guests find their way to rooms, what’s in for menu, type and time of restaurants, bar, rest room and other amenities etc. at touch of their finger tip along-with the city’s tourist’s places, entertainment venues and prominent market in interactive kiosk mode.

If you don’t already make use of digital signage or have the software to do so, contact DiverseNet Inc today. We would love to schedule a consultation with you and share how easy this can be for you.

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