Disposal of Your Old Computers and More

Disposal of Your Old Computers and More

It’s not news that tossing a computer or TV or other electrical equipment into a dump is bad for the environment and overall just a waste, especially given that there are so many ways that these devices can be repurposed and reused now.

That being said, there are still a fair number of businesses and owners who don’t think twice about what happens to their technology when they are ready to dispose of it.

DiverseNet Inc not only can take care of your old equipment but wants to ensure you have the details on it’s impact if you don’t properly dispose.


Desktop computers as well as laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices contain many parts that could release toxins into the soil. This is due to gases and other toxins that when placed in landfill sites over time release these gases into the atmosphere, which is a concern when it comes to ozone and air quality.

Disposal Sites:

In many cities, there are local electronic stores or recycling centers that will take your old computers and other electronics, dismantle them, and place the right parts in the right containers for disposal.

That being said, the schedules are often irregular and the sites where you need to dispose can be far and few between, and sometimes they aren’t housed at all, but are temporary sites set up on the side of the street, which can make dropping off your materials during busy traffic times or inclement weather much more difficult.

If you are weighing the costs of disposing your equipment against the convenience, weigh no longer. Give DiverseNet a call today and we will take care of removing and properly disposing your old technology today!

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