How to Solve 3 Digital Signage Installation Challenges

One thing I heard yesterday from almost every one of the more than 30 digital signage organizations I spoke to at Digital Signage Expo 2017 was that their client experience is extremely important. Not surprisingly, I learned they need installation partners for the same reasons as other industries we work in: communication, execution, and accountability.

1. Communication

Digital signage providers need communication with their clients about product performance and any maintenance requests. What happens to derail installation is, integrators don’t always have the infrastructure or processes in place to facilitate that communication on a site-by-site level.

 At DiverseNet, we established both a site call-ahead and site check-in process. The call-ahead gives the technician a chance to talk to someone at the site directly, and potentially even schedule a pre-work visit to see if there are any challenges or concerns. The day of the job, the technician checks in and confirms work is ongoing and completed. 

2. Execution

There are two problems with ensuring good execution: making sure it gets done right the first time, and short of that, having a plan of action to make it better. 99.5% of the time, our installations are completed correctly on the first pass. That’s why we always make sure to test the products we install before leaving, and can even educate one of the client’s employees about how to use the digital sign.

 It’s also important to follow up with the end user about how the technology is working, rather than wait for them to report an issue. Most break/fix resolution is reactive, even immediately after installation. When we do have to correct an issue, 99.999% of the time, the ticket is resolved successfully. 

3. Accountability

Lastly, digital signage integrators want installers to be accountable for their mistakes. They happen! Everyone is human. The important thing is to try to grow and avoid a repeat mistake if possible. In our opinion, that level of accountability extends down even to the technician. Our techs know it’s important to figure out the reason something went wrong whenever possible, and take any steps they can to prevent the same thing from happening again. 

It’s heartening to be at the Digital Signage Expo and hear these needs expressed, because they are exactly the needs DiverseNet was founded to fill. Plus, we think digital signs are really cool, the way of the future. We want to help get your signs in front of people, whether that means stepping in as your installer or helping you organize your own installation team.

If you’re a digital signage integrator looking to manage your installation internally, you should check out our free e-book, Field Services Deployment, to get a sense of what changes might be required across your organization to support great results in the field. 

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