Protection from Known And Unknown Viruses

Protection from Known And Unknown Viruses

Although they often come with cute names like “I Love You” and “Melissa,” the damage that computer viruses can do to your machine and files is anything but adorable. As your guide to protecting your company and keeping your files safe and secure, DiverseNet’s managed services has something for everyone.

For years, the security protocol for protecting your computer has been the same:

  1. Don’t open e-mail attachments from unknown senders.
  2. Install antivirus software.
  3. Make backup copies of your files in case they get corrupted.

The problem with many antivirus programs is that they rely on a “virus database” to scan for certain types of code, based on known viruses. The problem is that the people who create viruses are always coming up with malicious new ways to infect computers-which means that antivirus software needs to be updated regularly to be effective, and that’s only if the software maker has identified the offending code of the latest virus and created a “patch.”

Fortunately, there’s a new kind of virus protection that prevents infection by any sort of virus-and will continue to be effective even as viruses evolve. Known as a “virtual environment,” this sort of technology runs programs and executable files (attachments) in an isolated environment, preventing viruses or malware from harming your computer.

One example of this new generation of antivirus software is Virtual Sandbox. This evolutionary Internet security system uses virtualization technology to isolate and eliminate threats and prevent unauthorized access to personal files, local networks and system settings.

Virtual Sandbox is a desktop security system that takes advantage of virtualization technology, providing the freedom and control to surf the Internet and open e-mail attachments without worrying about viruses and other threats. The program creates an isolated environment on the desktop where access to computer hard disks and personal files is protected, removing the fear of known and unknown threats, including zero-day exploits-viruses that are launched before patches have been developed-that traditional antivirus solutions will never protect against. Unlike traditional antivirus software, it does not degrade system performance with file scanning operations.

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