Raising the Bottom Line Through IT Spending

Raising the Bottom Line Through IT Spending

Today, many organizations see their IT department as something that offsets profits, not generates them. But many cutting-edge organizations have changed the way they relate their IT department to the budget, thanks to improvements and new capabilities. Here are three ways IT spending can work to raise a business’ bottom line.

Updated Infrastructure

Refreshing your IT infrastructure can raise the bottom line in multiple ways. Up-to-date hardware provides an immediate benefit in efficiency, reliability, and employee satisfaction. The decreased demand for maintenance of aging hardware will also reduce costs in the IT department. Organizations will also possibly see a decrease in energy spending for server cooling and powering when servers are updated. Remember that information storage is also part of your infrastructure. If you have a lot to store, you should know that new advancements in solid-state arrays and flash technology are making it possible for businesses of all sizes to acquire more storage space at a lower cost.

Subscription Software

Acquiring important software on a subscription basis, rather than purchasing it outright, can result in big cost-savings for a business. Most importantly, it will liberate your IT team from constantly needing to update or patch software you’ve purchased for use across your organization. Instead, those updates will be handled by the service provider, meaning your IT team can focus on more critical projects. A subscription to software also offers a business more scalability—they can increase demand when needed, and completely unsubscribe if a solution is no longer needed.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence refers to software applications used to analyze a business’ raw data. The right analytics software, applied in the right way, can reveal inefficiencies across your organization that can be addressed to reduce costs and improve the bottom line. Your C-suite should consider what information they need to make better business decisions, and how they want that information presented—as a report, a chart, a written summary. This will help you both choose the right software and deploy it with strategy. Otherwise, you might end up with lots of data and no understanding of how to use it.

These are only a few of the ways that more strategic and thoughtful IT spending can improve your bottom line. If the idea of deploying one or more of these solutions across your organization is overwhelming, finding a great deployment and maintenance partner to take away the stress is also critical. This is what DiverseNet is all about; contact us today if you want to discuss efficient technology deployment on any scale.

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