Rapid Data Recovery: Your Lifeline to Business Continuity

Rapid Data Recovery: Your Lifeline to Business Continuity

No business owner wants to deal with IT failures. The majority of IT outages are the result of one of three things–accidents, sabotage and techincal failures. While natural disasters can also play a role, typically, they only make up a very percentage when looking at IT failures. Data-loss events, as writer Ashar Baig, details, are typically due to the failure of single hard-disk drives, machines or servers.

It’s these very outages that reinforce the importance of thorough disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) planning so that a business or organization can recover quickly from a data-loss event and get back to business. Businesses depend on rapid BC, therefore, organizations that fail to develop a BC/DR plan can result in: 

  • Lost productivity
  • Lost customers
  • Lost revenue
  • Decreased customer satisfaction
  • Decresased sales
  • Damaged reputation
  • Falling stock price

Virtualizing the IT environment can enable local area network (LAN)-powered and cloud-powered almost instantaneous BC.  This best practice creates both a local and cloud copy of all applications and data, which in turn, allows employees to follow a data-loss event.

Consider the following:

  • Constantly evolving IT infrastructures require data-protection solutions with easy-to-use interfaces. At the same time, economic considerations require moving away from IT specialists to IT generalists, as well as a deliberate shift to cohesive solutions.
  • Following a disaster, the time to receive “thawed data” from a public-cloud provider, acquire new hardware, install operating systems and applications, restore files from portable storage media, and test to ensure everything works could spell the difference between an organization remaining competitive or going out of business following a disaster.
  • Many cloud-enabled solutions have been architected for enterprise data-protection environments as well as cloud-washed without any significant change to the underlying technology architecture or functionality.

Data recovery, as part of DiverseNet’s Managed Services are a key component to our overall business strategy. Businesses today are faced with tremendous pressure to meet client demands, keep a competitive edge, stay current with technology, and most importantly run their day-to-day business operations. DiverseNet strives to enable rapid BC through the most up-to-date technology and applications in addition to offering an extensive array of services to run or enhance the telecommunications side of the house, so your business can focus on running business.

DiverseNet’s Planning Services deliver value by strategically planning telecommunications infrastructure solutions that meet your needs today but are flexible enough to expand for your future. Contact us today for more information! 




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