Technology in the Trucking Industry: Wireless, GPS, & Electronic Billing

Technology in the Trucking Industry: Wireless, GPS, & Electronic Billing

Working on the road can be very difficult work. Ask any truck driver. Office jobs offer employees many advantages that you may not realize on the road truck drivers don’t always have: internet access, phone lines, copy machines, faxes, paper, pens, and even desks!

Long haul truck drivers know this well. Fortunately, technology today is coming up with innovative ways to keep all kinds of workers connected regardless of where they word. We’d like to spotlight a few of the cool tools in the industry and how they’re being used.

Wireless on the road: Truckers today are able to send and receive email, faxes, order parts and find loads on the Internet for their return trips. Trucking companies offer wireless connections to the Internet in digital and analog cellular coverage areas by connecting a laptop to a cell phone. The advantage here is that those services are easy to use and count on wide geographic usage.

Global Navigation Systems: Yes, GPS is one of the top tools that truck drivers are using. Portable navigation software can be accessed through cell phones, palms or laptops. These devices feature wireless connectivity and customizable displays, which enable more effective routing and handle detours, distractions and delays safely and efficiently. They allow the driver to manage his or her location on an electronic map that also helps identify the destination and how long it takes to get there.

Electronic Billing Devices: The trucking industry makes use of electronic billing devices that, after punching in some information, automatically dispatch the bill specifying the type of transaction made, which allows the driver to have a formal document to present his foreman.

There are a host of new technologies that the trucking industry is finding applications for, including inventory tracking applications, point-of-sale systems and payment processing systems as well.

If you work a non-desk job, we’d love to hear what technologies get you through your work day!


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