Top 5 VoIP Apps for Business Professional Using Smartphones

Top 5 VoIP Apps for Business Professional Using Smartphones

The data is in–not only on what top five vendors of smartphones are dominating the market but also which apps are dominating the world of the business professional using his or her smartphone to increase productivity and efficiency. 

According to International Data Corporation, the top five smartphone vendors in 2012 (for which numbers have been tabulated in full) are:

  1. Samsung with 215.8 million units sold
  2. Apple with 135.9 units sold
  3. Nokia with 35.1 units sold
  4. HTC with 32.6 units sold
  5. Blackberry with 32.5 units sold

Looking at 2013, top apps that business professionals’ smartphones, and certainly apps that will be must-haves in 2014 include:


The VoIP app, purchased by Microsoft in 2011, now has over 280 million users globally. Considered to be one of the very best business VoIP solutions, it provides its users the following services:

    • Voice and video calling
    • Instant messaging
    • Conference calling
    • Calls to/from phone networks
    • Voicemail
    • Multi-party video calls/conferencing (up to 6 participants)
    • and More

Blackberry Messenger 7

Reminiscent of Apple’s FaceTime and Microsoft’s Skype, BBM 7 also supports VoIP calls, though calls need to be made over Wi-Fi/broadband networks.


Plingm is an app that lets you make phone calls to Facebook friends using your iPhone for free. You can download the mobile VoIP app from Apple’s App Store.

Silent Circle

Invented by two former Navy SEALs and cryptographers, Silent Circle is an app that functinos on iPhone, iPad and Android products and provides close to military-grade encryption when made via Silent Cirlce for the following:

    • VoIP calls
    • Texts
    • Emails
    • Videos

Once a caller hangs up, only minimal information is maintained on your device.

iCall for Business

iCall functions on the iPhone using 3G data networks. This VoIP app offers conference call functions (up to 10 participants) and also has a variety of business communication services such as:

    • Virtual receptionist
    • IM
    • Call routing


(Source: Business 2 Community, March 2013)

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