Turning Technicians Into Brand Ambassadors

In commercial technology integration, one of the most difficult parts of managing the integrity of your brand is making sure the people that show up on-site to install your product don’t look like they came straight from a party to do the job. Transforming the technicians you deploy to sites across North America into good brand ambassadors is an imprecise process, one that can depend as much on the technician as it does on the brand.

The best way to make sure your technicians represent your brand well is to teach them what that means. Train them not only in the proprietary skills necessary to install and maintain your products, but also professionalism and appropriate conduct on-site. Does your company have a dress code? If not, consider starting one. Establish a site check-in and work documentation process for all techs so that you know exactly when they arrive on site, and exactly when they leave. Make sure that process includes requirements for pictures of the finished work so even geologically remote supervisors can confirm the site was left neat and tidy. Empower techs with the information they need to confidently educate your end-users about the technology, and give them resources in terms of supplies and advance information about the site so they can do the best job possible all-around.

If steps like establishing a quality assurance workflow and committing to a soft-skills training process seem overwhelming, partners like DiverseNet can make all the difference. We consult with a network of technicians across the continent who are already used to following our quality assurance procedures and meeting our standards for professionalism. Even if deploying your products requires proprietary education, our partner techs could be at work for you in no time.  

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