What does Data Recovery Involve?

What does Data Recovery Involve?

Even though hard drives are built to last and endure many things, crashes are something that hard drives don’t handle well. You shouldn’t accept that the loss of data is something that you have to deal with. Data recover ensures that your hard drive doesn’t fail you when you need it the most. As you know, it doesn’t matter how great your hard drive is—failure can happen to anyone.

What does data recovery involve?

Even though you may know quite a bit about computers and hard drives, data recovery is best left to professionals. They have all the equipment and knowledge to recover files, without bringing more damage to the hard drive. They can also recover any type of file that was on your hard drive and even preview the files before recovering.

Here are the general stages that your IT service will go through to repair your hard drive or storage device:

Repair: The aim for the repair is to get the drive to function again and sometimes involves electronic repair of the control board and internal moving parts. It may include retrieving donor drives and/or electronic repair under the microscope.

Imaging: This stage involves making a copy of the repaired device and the use of special equipment designed to address most common types of failure.

Software Recovery: This involves running data recovery software on the imaged or the original drive. Data recovery software is designed to search for data on drives with every type of problem, from read errors to hardware failtuer to recovering deleted or other lost data.

Your professional IT specialists may talk to you about using physical or logical tools. Here is what they are referring to:

Physical Tools: These are used to handle physical and electronic problems with digital storage devices.

Logical Tools: These are typically software programs which can be found in physical devices such as firmware or can be installed on recovery machines as software. These tools are designed to do the data recovery once the device has been repaired with physical tools.

Unless your equipped to take on your hard drive, you should never try to fix it yourself. At this state, professional data recovery services aren’t just a luxury—they are something you must have.

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