Wholesale Discounts on IT Supplies: Why You Need Them (And How To Get Them)!

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No business or independent contractor wants to pay more for supplies than they have to. Did you know you can partner with DiverseNet to get technical supplies at wholesale rates? Read on to learn why you should take advantage of this opportunity, and how to do so.

Cash Flow and Client Satisfaction

If you’re paying full retail price for supplies, that means when you mark them up to create your profit margin, you’re charging the client more than they would pay if they went to the store and bought the cables, mounts, or modem themselves. Eventually clients will notice this, and may choose to take their business elsewhere if they worry they’re being ripped off or taken advantage of. By purchasing supplies with our wholesale discount, you’re getting them at less than retail price, meaning that even once you mark them up, the price point should still keep clients happy.

Quality Guarantee

The other great thing about buying wholesale supplies is that the discount you receive makes it possible to buy the best supplies on the market, not off-brand stuff to save a few dollars. These parts may even open up the possibility for your clients or end users to get a warranty. Clients love to hear they are getting the best parts available on the market, especially when the price is right. You can use this assurance of quality as a selling point when onboarding new business.

How to Start Saving

DiverseNet has partnerships with many leading suppliers in the office and IT industries, including Office Depot and Perfect 10. We want to connect our technicians to these suppliers to improve their business operations and the service they provide to clients.

To start receiving our wholesale discounts today, sign up for our free Group Purchasing Program. You’ll gain direct access to discounted purchasing from four top suppliers, plus regular sales and specials just for members.

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