Why Digital Signage Integration Depends on Training

Most technology integrators who offer digital signage or “smart walls” as part of their product line understand that getting the technology working is just the first step. Not only does the digital sign or interactive screen have to work, it also needs to connect to other systems within your client’s business. Plus, the client needs to understand how to use it. Those integrators who truly find success in providing digital signage to their customers will do so because both their sales staff and their on-site technicians are experts.

1. Early-Stage Planning

With technology changing so rapidly, most organizations investing in new devices or software want to know it will last a while and merge well with their existing systems. Technology integrators selling digital signage need to help consumers plan how the digital sign or interactive screen will fit into and improve upon their existing infrastructure from day one. That means sales staff need to have more than a basic understanding of the product’s limits and capabilities, so they can paint a picture for the customer of how these technologies will serve them best. 

2. True Integration

Ensuring a digital sign is truly integrated into an end-user’s operations requires that the person installing it understands their other systems, too. Achieving a truly integrated solution for the customer means sending a technician to the site that has the expertise to deliver that solution. That means knowledge about not just the digital signage itself, but also other technologies the sign needs to interface with. You can learn in advance from the customer what those will be and prepare the technician with tools, supplies, and refresher training as needed. 

3. Empower End-Users Beyond Basics

Technicians and sales staff should also be able to train the end user in how to use the digital sign. That means the basics like turning it on, but many integrators on the cutting edge of this technology are finding that end users also want guidance and support when it comes to creating content for the sign. Since your goal is to ultimately ensure your customers feel great about their new technology purchases, providing that extra bit of training and support is critical. 

We can’t wait to attend the Digital Signage Expo in two weeks and learn more about the tremendous innovations currently happening in digital signage and interactive screen technologies. We hope to see you in Vegas from March 28-30, 2017. If you’re a digital signage or interactive screen integrator, we’d love to talk more about how our network of expert technicians can support your installations and maintenance across North America. 

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