Why Group Purchasing?


Photo courtesy of James Cridland(CC Attribution)

If you haven’t heard, we recently rolled out our Group Purchasing Program, which is open to the public and offers discounts on everything from industrial supplies to office supplies. But how do we get these discounts? We promise, it isn’t at the expense of quality—instead, it’s achieved by taking advantage of economics.

How Group Purchasing Works

Group purchasing works based on collective buying power. If a vendor knows it can sell hundreds of items to one purchaser, they will offer those items at a discount to allow the buyer to purchase as many as they want. This way, the vendor is guaranteed to move the product, even if it’s at a slightly lower costs. Group purchasing was first used by health systems as early as 1910, and has spread since then into grocery stores, agriculture, and even nonprofits. Luckily, anyone in those industries or beyond can take advantage of our group purchasing program free of charge.


We’ve found multiple partners willing to offer their products to the members of our program, thanks to our network. Office Depot is a supplier which can appeal to anyone with business needs, but our other partners at ITsavvy, Perfect10, and Grainger specialize in IT and industrial equipment. That’s because, while we want everyone to benefit, we especially want to see this program improve the lives and businesses of our technicians, and through them, our clients and their end users.

If you’re interested in harnessing the power of group purchasing to buy your technical or office supplies, sign up today!

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